Child Custody: Joint Versus Sole Managing Conservatorship

In Texas, the child custody terminology is different from most other states. There is joint managing conservatorship and sole managing conservatorship. And visitation is referred to as possession and access to a child. Don't get caught up in the terms, however.

When your relationship with your child is on the line, you need to ensure a long-term, workable arrangement. Many times, you have to fight to get a fair order in place. The important role that fathers play has received increasing focus, and a mother is not guaranteed sole managing conservatorship.

Keith Gore, Lawyer, has the trial background required when the other parent refuses to put the best interests of a child at the forefront. This might be a situation when one parent refuses to recognize and seek treatment for an autism spectrum disorder, or a learning disability that requires special schooling or tutoring, or maybe one parent cannot provide adequate care due to addiction issues. Every divorce and child custody fight is unique, and your lawyer's approach must be individualized to your particular situation.

From Initial Determination To Modification

It is best to initially reach a lasting possession order that has enough detail to provide a guide for who gets which holiday and how summer vacation is split. But the order needs to have flexibility as the child or children grow older.

This can be difficult to accomplish and circumstances change over the years. For these reasons, it may be necessary to go back to court and ask for a modification of an existing child custody or possession order.

Understanding Child Support

It is also important to fully appreciate the effect a custody determination has on child support. Generally, the court will order a noncustodial parent to pay child support. The amount will vary based on the disparity in income between the parents as well as other factors. This highly fact-specific analysis is important, because child support usually lasts until a child turns 18, if not longer, for instance, if a child has disabilities.

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