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What is a minor in possession law?

Juveniles in Possession of Alcohol and Drugs  When you get caught using or carrying an illegal substance while underage, it may seem as if there is no way to argue against a charge.  However, learning more about what minor in possession laws are can be helpful for...

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Why are your Miranda rights so crucial?

You probably think you know your Miranda rights from watching fictional law enforcement officers recite them so many times on TV or in the movies. But do you? More importantly, do you understand when these rights come into play?  FindLaw recapitulates the four Miranda...

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How does Texas determine child custody?

When you face a divorce as a parent, the well-being of your children is of your utmost concern. Texas presumes that parents will have joint legal and physical custody, also called conservatorship, of minor children.  Knowing what to expect when you negotiate a child...

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Ramifications of juvenile vandalism

Vandalism is the act of purposely damaging another person’s property. When an underage person commits this crime, it is juvenile vandalism. The consequences of this crime affect both the juvenile offender and the parents.  There were 30,600 juvenile arrests for...

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