While you want to believe a child when he or she says something terrible has been done to him or her, you also have to be aware that sometimes adults coach a child to say something happened when it did not. Such accusations can be damaging to your reputation and life in general in Texas. They also hurt the child. Getting to the truth is essential to ensure nobody ends up a victim in the situation. It is also important that you approach this carefully as you do not want to say a child is lying without being sure that is the truth.

So, how can you tell if someone coached a child to make accusations? The truth is, according to Psychology Today, that is incredibly difficult to tell when a child is lying about sexual abuse. In fact, in studies done to see if professionals could tell if a child was lying, the odds of being able to accurately determine a lie from the truth was nothing more than around 56 percent. That is pretty much the same as just guessing.

Younger children may be easier to ascertain. They tend to be unable to control certain signs that they are not being truthful. Older children, though, have an easier time lying. They can even convince themselves a lie is the truth and expand upon it with details. This only adds to the difficulty of trying to find out the truth. This information is for education and is not legal advice.